Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Just make it to P-Day" - week 2

What a week. There have been ups, downs, but mostly ups.
So I'm not in a normal companionship, I'm in a trio, which is pretty cool. I'm not saying it's easy all the time, but it's pretty cool. I'm by far the most outspoken and loudest of the three (and I've got the deepest voice, step up son) but I'm working on getting them to speak their minds a little more and getting us to communicate. My district, though, is awesome. We have 12 of us crammed into a tiny classroom with desks and books, and we are really starting to feel like a family. We start everything with a hymn and a prayer (in Japanese of course), and everything is awesome. We have a trio of sisters and a trio of elders, and the rest are companionships (i.e. two) of elders.

My companions are way chill, Perez Choro from Georgia, and Holdaway Choro from Payson Utah. We also have in our district an elder Larsen, Williams, Breeze, Jaynes, Ramsey, and Price (my motorcycle and lifting buddy, with whom I'm making sick gains). We have a sister Candland, Shoenberger, and Savage, but all three of them are super savage with the sass to keep up for being in a classroom with nine elders.

The Spirit here is so strong, and the gift of tongues is real, except for when I asked our new Buddhist "investigator" if she had a picture of God when I meant to ask for a picture of her family. The devotional last night was incredible, and the devotional review with my district was even better, and the Bednar devotional video we watched on Sunday "character of Christ" is the best thing I've ever seen.

I can get email all week long, only write back on Wednesdays.
Love you all,

オーギル ちょぅろぅ(Elder Orgill)

Elder Orgill and his two companions

Elder Orgill's District -- half going to Sendai and half going to Tokyo

Elder Orgill met someone who we think works at the MTC; they apparently think that they look a lot like each other

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Just arrived at the Provo MTC - week 1

Hey fam,
I survived my first day! y’all weren’t kidding when you said the food wasn't great, I'm gonna have no worries hitting that caloric deficit to get some sick gains and get SHREDDED.
So I missed most of the first language lecture where they talk at us in Japanese, which I was really looking forward to. New things for me to look forward to: devotionals, group teaching roleplays, fun stuff, steak I could play hockey with (i.e. cooked well-done), dinner at 4, etc.
All the Japanese language is slowly coming back, which is nice, though not as much language study as I would have hoped. Pretty chill overall though.
My companions - yes, I said companionS plural - are pretty quiet, but pretty cool too. Working on getting to know them better, I still haven't gotten the chance to have a great chat with them, but I'm getting to know them. Being in a trio is a little tough because I feel like I have to treat them equally because any serious convo you have with one of them you kinda have to have with both which can be kinda hard. I already really want to be in the field, or at least do some serious language study. My district is awesome, a bunch of really chill people in it.
No graham canyon ice cream at dinner today, I was heartbroken. Also, no gym tomorrow! Fetch!
Wednesday P-Day. I'm alive. I'll write my email a little bit throughout the week, and luckily we can read emails throughout the week, so everybody write me! Working on getting photos with the iPads, but I'll try to get you plenty of pictures. 
Peace homies,

Orgill Choro (Elder)

Last picture in front of his Tahoe home

With his parents at the Salt Lake City Temple

Minutes before dropping him off at the Provo Missionary Training Center -- see him in 2 years!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mail and packages can be sent until the middle of October 2016 to:
Elder Jonathan Orgill
2005 N 900 E Unit   6
Provo UT 84602