Friday, September 30, 2016

General conference update

Apparently Elder Orgill's seat in the choir for Saturday afternoon, 01 OCT 2016, has been moved to the upper right section in the conference center.  We'll be keeping our eye out for him!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Hey All!

This week I have been equal parts excited and tired. I have the opportunity to sing in the MTC Conference Choir, we will be singing in the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference to about 10 million people broadcast worldwide. How cool is that?! We are doing a two hour practice every day on top of six hours of classroom instruction and three to four hours of personal/companion/language study. I definitely needed today to rest (even though I still had another practice this morning). We've already memorized our four songs in only six practices, and they're actually starting to sound really great. The music will be great and the messages will be even better, everybody should watch it (you can watch it on Look at the top row, sixth from the right, and listen for the low E on "I'll go where you want me to go" :)

Found a good scripture in my reading this week I thought I'd share, kinda feels applicable right now in the US.
Helaman 5:2 For as their laws and their governments were established by the voice of the people, and they who chose evil were more numerous than they who chose good, therefore they were ripening for destruction, for the laws had become corrupted.

It has been a good week, just kinda flown by. Taught some lessons, did some study, and sang a lot. I had one really cool experience, we were teaching a lesson to one of our "investigators" (our teachers pretend to be an investigator and we teach them and help them progress), and I felt prompted to just start bearing my testimony. I just started bearing testimony and words came into my mouth that I didn't study or understand. I had been struggling with the language through the whole lesson and suddenly my memory was clear and I was able to speak clearly and formulate sentences in Japanese. I felt the spirit super strong and I started crying and the investigator started crying and it was awesome.

Wish I had more to write, but not too much crazy stuff has happened this week, I've been just kinda putting my head down and working. Choir is so much fun, and it is awesome to be around so many missionaries every day, but I can't wait to be out in the field.

Love you all, hope you all enjoy general conference (especially the music during the Saturday afternoon session)

ついています (it's literally: currently in the state of being lit)

Elder Orgill

オーギル 長老

3 Amigos
Group of missionaries headed to Japan -- Elder Orgill in the back right
Elder Orgill and Elder Kawasaki get photobombed by Sister Jensen
Not sure where he found a leaf blower, but he stated that he was "in his element"
Why?  Because he could.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Hey all!

This last week has flown by, the days are long and the weeks are short. Had a couple of highlights this week, but first, funny quotes.

  • "I'll email you cheese later" -Ramsey Choro in Japanese
  • "There's a sparkle on your lip and I can't take you seriously." -Orgill Choro

This week has been great. I'm getting along a bit better with my companions. The food is still heavily processed, but at least when I get to Japan the food will taste even more incredible thanks to contrast. I think they're trying to teach us the lesson from 2nd Nephi 2:9 "There must needs be opposition in all things." The language is tough, but randomly in lessons I come up with words and sentences I've definitely never studied. The gift of tongues is real.

Last week started off with TRC on Wednesday night, where we teach two lessons to a member only in Japanese. The first one was rough since I hadn't reviewed Japanese for the whole day, but the second one was awesome, and in review note afterwards she wrote about how she'd had a really tough week and was really lonely and sad, but we talked about how the atonement isn't just for sins, it is all-encompassing and it can help us overcome all kinds of trials and sadness. I was just prompted towards that topic in our preparation, and it was incredible and faith building to see that prompting bless someone else's life and give them comfort and encouragement when they really needed it.

On Sunday I sang a musical number with one of my companions, Elder Holdaway, and another elder in my district, Elder Jaynes. It was a fantastic arrangement of Nearer My God to Thee, and it was so fun and turned out fantastic. Yours truly sang bass (as usual), and the whole thing came together really well.

Speaking of singing, I've been blessed with the opportunity to sing in the MTC choir for the Saturday afternoon (I think) session of General Conference. We have four songs to memorize in eight rehearsals, so it is going to take a lot of prayer and faith and focus outside of my normal studies. I do miss my trance and dubstep and all that, but I've found a new love of hymns as well (especially singing them in Japanese), they are such a wonderful source of comfort.

On Tuesday, Elder Clayton from the presidency of the Seventy gave an excellent talk on the unique intellectual position that the church is in. With a lot of other churches, they are in a gray area. You can have faith in some things, and doubt others, but with the LDS faith, it is either COMPLETELY true, or COMPLETE fraud, and there is a lot power in that. Thousands of 19-year-old youth set aside their lives to go to a foreign country and preach the gospel’s truthfulness. I guess the power of that never really hit me. 

He also mentioned Pascal's Wager, which talks about how if you follow religion, you stand to gain everything if you are right, and stand to lose more or less nothing if you are wrong, whereas if you wager against God, you stand to gain little or nothing if you are right, but lose everything if you are wrong. Also, it contained the words "Infinite Gains" in it, which is pretty fantastic. 

Awesome week and I'm loving it, just a few days from half way done!
Take care everyone,

Elder Orgill
オーギル 長老

Advantages of sweater days ...
don't have to be too careful with
how you tie your necktie

Radiant beams of  light come from the
Provo temple while companion
does an epic photo-bomb
Pensive indie portrait
Quote: "Koality snacks make for a happy district".
We sent "Koala" cookies ... a favorite in Japan

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

“The Days are Long and the Weeks are Short” - week 4

Hey everyone!

What a week! We have had three apostles in a row at our devotionals, first Elder Christofferson last Tuesday, then Elder Ballard on Sunday, and Elder Cook last night. Hearing apostles of the Lord speak is powerful, but what's  even more powerful is the spirit in the district devotional review  with 11 other 18-20 year-old's, whom I have learned to love as family  and who all have committed to give up two years of their lives to  serve the Lord. Hearing them bear testimony and share promptings after hearing men called as prophets, seers, and revelators is a powerful experience.

I have learned a lot this week. A lot about myself, patience, humility, the atonement, and charity. The opportunity to step away from my life and reflect on everything that has occurred thus far and everything I want for the future is incredible. The spirit in the MTC is so strong and it is an incredible place to learn.

Plenty of funny stuff happened this week. I've made it my goal to make one hilarious language mistake each week, that way I know I'm always progressing and pushing and expanding the limits of my language skill.  I failed this week, but one of my companions made the mistake of mixing up the words "kazoku" with "kaizoku", and he accidentally said  "Pirates can be together forever" instead of "families can be together  forever". Close enough.
Quotes of the week:
- "...Why is there a spoon in my pocket?" -Orgill Choro
- "Don't worry, Elder, he only spoons people he likes" -Holdaway Choro
- "If you delete any, I'll break you." Orgill Choro
- "And you lift and you lift and you lift" M. Russell Ballard
- "I never said I was a nice person" -Perez Choro
- "Can you please stop feeding her SASSpirilla?" -Price Choro
I should probably explain, there's a spoon game where you put spoons in other people's pockets without them noticing. So fun. So that explains all the spoon quotes.
I made friends with a French elder this week headed to Montreal, Mandarin speaking, and he is the coolest, we are straight homies. Also, gave myself a haircut this week with some help from the Koreans.

Also, word of the week: Tada Gomi  - Straight Garbage, i.e. "The MTC mashed potatoes taste like TADA GOMI yo."

The days are long and the weeks are short. The spirit is so strong here and I am growing so much, I love it.
Take care, everyone
Love you all,
Elder Orgill

オーギル 長老

Elder Orgill with companions Perez and Holdaway

Did somebody say it was selfie time?

This was from a group of photos called "Dank Sweater Pics"

Elder Orgill in front of the Provo, UT Temple

Group of missionaries headed to Japan at the entrance to the Provo, UT Temple. Elder Orgill is in the back right.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I'm finally into week three! Yeet! - week 3

This week has definitely been a growing experience. My two companions, Elder Holdaway and Elder Perez, are an interesting match for me...I got the idea to make a chart today with one axis from sassy to goofy, and the other one lawful to chaotic. I'm chaotic goofy, Perez Choro is Lawful Sassy, and Holdaway Choro is true neutral. Perez Choro is the type to be super super quiet and in his studies, and then every once in a while he breaks out with some super sassy and unexpected comment that throws everyone off. He was at MIT this last year, and studies like you would expect a kid from MIT to study, which isn't always a bad thing, he's just a little less social... His hobbies include "problem solving, and doing problem sets". Still love the kid though, he's from Georgia, so every once in a while he breaks out with some Ebonics, which is hilarious. Holdaway Choro is a little more social and a little less studious than Perez Choro, he is from the thriving metropolis of Payson, UT. Very quiet, kinda mild mannered, took two years of Japanese in high school but doesn't remember much.  He’s a funny kid.

So much cool stuff happened this week, we had a Devotional on Sunday night from Chad Lewis, a Devo on Tuesday from D. Todd Cristofferson, Chick- Fil-a on Monday night... Awesome... Not to mention Graham Canyon ice cream on Sunday... Awesome.

Heck of fun stuff going on here. The weight  lifting gym is bomb, but they don't have squat racks, bench, barbells, ya know... Gym stuff...But my gym buddy Price Choro and I are still making sick gains.  My district is seriously the best, they're all hilarious. We have had some excellent quotes over the last couple weeks...
"Before the mission, I loved wood" - Me (in Japanese, except the word I used for wood was wrongish and also a slang word for cigarettes),
"I'm the devil" - Me
Without missing a beat. "Oh, I've known that for a long time" - Perez Choro
Investigator: "I miss my family, it makes me sad".  Me: "Ah, sugoi!" (terrific!)

The other elders in our district are all Tokyo bound, Ramsey from Seattle, Breeze from Midway, Jaynes from Shelly Idaho, Price from Florida and Mozambique before that and Brazil before that, Tokyo; Portuguese speaking, Williams Choro the 5'5 tallest in his family second oldest of fifteen kids from South Jordan, and Larsen Choro, the elder named after the Japanese konbini (convenience store, Lawsons), from the desert oasis of Las Vegas.  Jaynes is waaaaay too enthusiastic about everything until he gets too tired and crashes and is very into correlating things to his Meyers Briggs personality chart, but still a funny kid and has a strong testimony.   Breeze and Ramsey are in our room with us.
Sisters:  We’ve got Candland Shimai, Savage Shimai, and Schoenberger Shimai from Midway, UT, Michigan, and Chandler AZ respectively. All Sendai bound, all lovely, all hilarious and really sarcastic. 

Our district is the coolest, we're a little easily distracted when we're together because we're all HILARIOUS, but that's fine, we just go to different rooms to study.
Only one other elder ate the natto (nasty smelling fermented beans), Perez Choro, which I'm impressed about, but that’s the most adventurous thing he's done since we got here.  If Amazon has mugi cha (barley tea), I wouldn't complain if you sent me some... Btw if you wanna send me heck of sembei or kaki-no-tane or Japanese snacks or something I'm cool with that. Breeze Choro got wheat thins and EZ cheese, and Ramsey Choro, son of a chef, is addicted since he never got to eat it growing up. No fridges or nothing, but anything that keeps or is shareable is awesome.

I'm in the MTC choir, which is pretty dope, but I'm not sure about general conference.

The MTC is such a great experience. It's not all fun and messing around (though if you're not having fun on your mission, you're not having a fun mission), and my patience has definitely been tested at times, but it's incredible here, the spirit is so strong and my testimony has grown so much.

It would be awesome to hear from y'all, it always brightens up my day to get news from the outside world.

Love y'all,
Elder Orgill
オーギル 長老

One food at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) which Elder Orgill likes

Still enjoying himself; not sure anyone else is laughing, however.

Panoramic view of his classroom

Group of missionaries (and a few teachers), all training to go to Japan; Elder Orgill in the back