Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas – week 70

Editor's note: This week our family got to talk to Elder Orgill via Skype. It was great to see him and hear his voice again. He seems very happy and definitely well-fed.

Hey everyone!

This week was super lit. It's a lot of fun working in the office, there's always things going on and changes and interesting things and a printer that wants to kill me, it's pretty great. We've been pretty swamped with a lot of things we need to do and a few special projects we're working on, so it's been hard to carve out time to go out and do normal missionary work, but we're making some time and I love being busy. 

First off some shoutouts: My family knows me waaaaay too well because they sent the perfect thing. Ferrero Rocher, cocoa powder, pecans, and protein powder, all hard things to come by in Japan.

I did an interview for a baptism the Sunday before last and she got baptized on Saturday... IN CHINESE. Elder Dance is a stud and studied the baptismal prayer in Chinese so she could hear it in her native language. It was so cool and I'm so excited for her, it was so cool to get to see another baptism happen. 

One of the coolest things about being in the office is being super close to President Sekiguchi. He's almost always in his office, often with the door open, and it's almost like a somewhat democratic system where everybody has a voice. He's just awesome, it's been really inspiring for me to see the way he works because he never shuts down an idea, no matter how out of the ordinary or stupid or crazy it may sound he thinks through it and finds a way it could work out. He's really someone who is constantly filled with inspiration and revelation, and it's very easy and apparent to see. It's great for me too because I get ideas sometimes and can share my crazy little ideas with him.

I had an interview this last week with President Sekiguchi and it was really cool, I learned a lot about why I am where I am and we just kind of bounced ideas around for a number of different things. One of the most interesting things that came out of that was a the redefining of "missionary fire" for me. Rather contrary to my prior image of the desire to go out and get rejected thousands of times to find the one person, my desire to be more effective and find people in the most creative ways and help other missionaries and all use talents IS that missionary fire. Anyway, I have a lot of things I've been thinking about and a lot of ideas bouncing around and being here has really helped me focus on that. 

So I should probably mention something about Christmas. Japan doesn't really celebrate Christmas that much, everybody buys a Christmas cake and KFC and there are Christmas themed things some places, but it's really underwhelming. But I got little doses here and there of the Christmas cheer - the warm feeling that smells slightly of cinnamon and just feels festive. It mostly came in the form of service and sharing good experiences. Probably the best thing of all was setting up the Christmas tree in my last area with the young single adults while listening to Christmas music. It was just so fun and warm and festive and it was with a bunch of people I have worked with and become close with and loved for four and a half months. I'm not really sure, it's hard to explain the feeling of Christmas, hard to put it into words, but you know it when you feel it. And I think it's mostly a feeling of love, and that love is built and grown through service. 

I dunno, I don't really have a good way to wrap this up, but merry Christmas and I love you guys, being a missionary is the best!

Elder Orgill

Poor focus, but this is how we got to enjoy our Christmas Skype call

We were able to patch in Elder Orgill's sister, brother-in-law, and nephew who were in Utah

Merry Christmas from the Japan Sendai Mission

A recent baptism photo gives perspective on the size of the Mongol Horde

Working in the mission office

"Working out" in the mission office -- using water jugs

He is including lifting water jugs in the commissarian's room as part of his mission office "work". He claims that he will be "buff" in just a couple of weeks.

Monday, December 18, 2017

The Mongol Horde + “Partake ye not of the leaven of the Pharisees” – week 69

Hey homies,

This week was solid, got settled into the new area and into my role as commissarian. Which is pretty sweet because I get to use Microsoft excel to help the mission be more efficient with things. Holy flip I love Excel so much. Spreadsheets are my life. Behind garlic and synthesizers and ramen and cute girls, they are pretty high up there on my list of favorite things, so I’ve been using all my creativity to make things that are good and effective and all that.

So things switched up a little bit this last week, I was supposed to be companions with Hubner and Ozawa, but it got switched up and Ozawa ended up going to a different area instead and Nathan stuck around so now my companionship is me(6’1), Hubner(6’6), and Nathan(6’5). We have earned the title of “Mongol Horde”, the three massive office missionaries. The first thing to know about my two companions is they’re tall. The second: they can eat. A lot. So I’ve been stretching my cooking skills and the weird things I’ve found in the apartment here to make some pretty cool stuff to fill up Elder Nathan.

I got to do my second baptismal interview ever this week, and it’s so cool to people prepare for baptism and stuff, really really excited for the sisters’ investigator.

So the first law of the gospel is obedience, and when I received a commandment from my mother this morning to take the money she sent me, go across the street to the bakery, and buy one of everything to split between me and the guys in the apartment, I SWIFTLY obeyed and went above and beyond - prepared lunch for the lads with white leek stew and regular, caramel, and strawberry eggnog. We FEASTED on tons of bread and bakery sweets and it was positively glorious. And it got me thinking - Obedience brings blessings. The big test of this life is how we will act when given our freedom and asked to be obedient. God knows better than us what will bring us happiness and joy, and it’s just a question of whether or not we trust Him. Obedience, when motivated by love and not fear, blesses us immensely and teaches us as we humble ourselves and is the only path to true, real freedom. Within the bounds of obedience there are so many good things we can choose, while being obedient to the tons of little tiny rules in the missionary white handbook, I can still do of my own good will so many good things using my creativity and love for others, and while it might seem restrictive it sets us free from danger, anger, pride, hatred, weakness, and other things that limit the joy we can feel. 

Love y’all, talk to you next week, family!

オーギル長老 (Elder Orgill)

Japan Sendai missionaries -- Elder Orgill on the far right, 4 prows back

Weekly bowl of noodles - Tsukemen at Masamune

Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki

Furukawas bought me "niku-man" ... meat-filled Chinese steamed bun

"Bread King"

The Mongol Horde prepares to consume lots of bread products

Celebrating Christmas with pastries from the French bakery across the street

Following up the bread with French pastries

Monday, December 11, 2017

This week I went to America – week 68

Yep, I’m serious, I stood on American soil and breathed American air this week. It was, as the kids say, “lit”.

So this last week we had the mission-wide Christmas Conference up in Misawa and stayed the night at the house of members on the U.S. Air Force base, which was really cool. And the family I stayed with used to be home taught by my uncle when he was stationed in Hawaii, so little connections yo. The Christmas conference was SOOOO fun, and it was amazing to see a ton of missionaries I know and love all together in one place. Almost as fun as the Christmas conference was the five hour bus ride there and back in a bus PACKED full of homies, which was so much fun, got to sit next to all my favorite people (well, except the homies in Morioka and Aomori zones). It was cool to reconnect with some people I haven’t seen in a pretty long time, and it also made me realize how many missionaries I know that have gone home already as well, which is making me feel like a kind of old missionary. I have less than nine months left, which is a scary though, but I’m determined to work crazy and make every second count.

There wasn’t a whole lot of other crazy stuff that happened this week, but we got transfer calls and that gave me a bit of an opportunity to think about my work over the past 4 and a half months here in the Kamisugi ward. I’ll be going to Nagamachi and also be working as the commissarian (A.K.A. The chirashi (flyer) guy), which I actually think is going to be super super super super super cool for a bunch of reasons I can’t list here, it’s definitely a transfer call that came with mixed feelings because it breaks my heart to leave the members and Elder Mateaki and the area, but there’s so much I’m excited about it kinda balances out I guess? Anyway, the last few months here don’t look all that successful on paper. I haven’t seen any baptisms, haven’t made any goals together with investigators for that, haven’t even seen any investigators progress and have only found a handful of people who’ve said “yeah, I’ll listen to your message”, but I choose not to measure my time here by those kind of numbers, I prefer to look at the insights I have gained about myself, my strengthened relationship with God, and the relationships I have grown to cherish. There’s some song by my favorite trance duo “Above and Beyond” which has some typical mostly meaningless lyrics to make their songs catchy and popular, but in this one song it talks about how if you measure worth in units of love, you are rich beyond your wildest dreams. SUUUPER cheesy, but I like it and the vocalist has this cool voice with nice processing on it and whatall, anyway it’s nice, but I think that’s important, and ties in pretty well to the message of Christmas, the most valuable thing in this world is love, and I guess in that sense I’ve had a very successful fiscal quarter, and in bigger terms, going on a mission has been a very lucrative venture.

So give love and turn up in the most lit season of the year,

Elder Orgill オーギル長老

Yes ... apparently this is a popular thing to do to selfies in Japan

Bus ride to mission Christmas Conference in Misawa

Pork cutlet goodness

They always pick the big American to play Santa

Elder Mateaki dons the Santa beard

Santa with some of the Sendai young single adults

You can never get enough selfies ... especially when you have the longest arms

Weekly bowl of noodles with a friend

Dusting of snow outside of the apartment

Monday, December 4, 2017

Tomo-P and the 3.5 billion – week 67

What’s up everybody? 

As my buddy Abe-san would say “nice to meet you... today”. When you have limited English you kinda gotta work with what youve got.

This week was pretty solid, not gonna lie. It went by pretty quick, but we saw some really cool stuff.

I got called out by President in my interview about eating too much ramen due to a misunderstanding, he thought I was eating it every day. When I corrected the misunderstanding to the average of once a week, we were good, and proceeded to talk about ramen a little bit. You can connect with ANY Japanese person about ramen. My one ramen this last week was at none other than Jiro, and while sitting in line I started talking to the homie next to me. He wasn’t too down for conversation, but what do you know he has two super chill and cool friends come along and they’re super conversational and fun and we got to explain what we do in a way that felt super natural and it was just super fun talking to college-age super chill fashionable homies who like good ramen, what started off as me thinking I would just study flash cards while waiting turned into an awesome fun conversation with a really good outcome just because I decided to open my mouth and talk to some homies, it was just so much fun talking to normal young people. 

So at the place we do service, all the kids were preparing for their big English presentation this last Saturday, and one of the groups was doing this skit. So they were doing a little play based on the story of Princess Kaguya, who was found in a bamboo stalk and became a super beautiful woman and then realized she had to return to the moon, and of course they one girl in the group and one of the guys, I’m gonna call him Tomo-P (because his name is Tomopi), ends up playing the princess. But to make things even better, the whole skit is narrated in this absolutely incredible broken English. At one point they were trying to say “I am a messenger from the moon” and they had “I am moon a messenger” and just the whole thing was filled with these horrendous amazing English with background sad violin music and it was just the best thing ever. But the best thing is this - they did this thing which I have no idea what to call it in English, but it’s a skit by a Japanese female comedian about how she’s making all these other office workers pick up her papers and things and how to find a man you don’t need to go out and search because a flower doesn’t go out and look for honeybees, it just waits, and also this stuff about how there’s 3.5 billion men in the world and basically you don’t need to worry about just one for a long time and stuff like that, anyway hard to explain but this funny skit complete with timing to background music and ripped guys in the background as “props” and anyway - this 7th grader Tomo-p went ALL OUT, he got a pencil skirt and a blouse and a wig and already has a little bit of a feminine voice, and they did this play with painful English interlaced with a re-creation of the skit and Tomo-P in a skirt and the two background guys trying to make a seat for him to sit on with their knees but being about a foot different in height so it didn’t work and everything came together perfectly to be one of the funniest things I have ever experienced in my entire life.

So we had some sweet miracles as well as some really disappointing stuff this week. We were housing on Sunday night and met a super nice young mom who said she wanted to come to church, which was awesome! We only had a couple of minutes left and had to get back so I could do reporting, but decided to house one more little building and we meet someone who just attended her brother's funeral because he committed suicide and were able to be guided in saying exactly what we needed to in order to comfort and help her, and the next day we came back and brought just some chocolate and snacks as a “sorry your life sucks right now” kind of thing and long story short she was really impacted by what we had to say and we talked to her and there were all these super interesting things to her about our message and what we were talking about and about the things we testifying about and both of us were able to speak with power and authority and there were all these little miracles that came together and she said it was a miracle, it was PURE FATE that we met yesterday and she was saying this thing about how she kind of understands what we were saying and if she could ever comprehend it that would just be awesome. And then I said “so do you want to learn more about this, you know, try to comprehend and feel the same peace from this that we’ve been able to feel?” And she says “nope” and totally shuts us down and then gives us something about how she’s the type to search out things herself and kinda that now isn’t right because it’s not what she needs right now and I’m just thinking “you literally said we unexplainably were able to say things that spoke peace to your soul and comforted you and helped you sleep when you were restless with anguish and it was a miracle and pure fate that we met” and it just broke my heart, but before we tried to meet with her the second time I prayed and out it in God’s hands and asked him to be an instrument and whether that means helping her onto the right path into the fold of God where she can find peace and refuge for her soul or just helping her for now. I’m confident that despite her decision to reject the light and joy the Gospel brings, we shared a little bit of light and planted a seed of faith that will be instrumental in her change while on this earth and a landmark in her path and progression in eternity.

So I guess this week I’ll talk about agency. Everyone has the freedom to choose for themselves, and it is all we can do to love them and show them the right path to follow. Whether it be a rebellious teenager, somebody who has felt the testifying witness of the Holy Ghost and chooses to reject it, or just anyone we wish we could control and change but can’t, all we can do is act within the limits of our own agency to do that which is right and love them and set an example.

Love you guys, have a good week!

オーギル長老(Elder Orgill)

Elders Orgill and Fujiki

Elders Orgill and Fujiki - 2

Japan Sendai Mission - Fall 2017

Monday, November 27, 2017

Curry-boy for a week – week 66

Hey y’all

Fun week, but not too busy. The biggest thing of the week is me finally getting my Korg Electribe Sampler, which many of you are probably thinking “the flip is a Korg Electribe Sampler?” Well it’s a sampling device with which I can make music from all the samples I’m collecting. How am I going to use that in missionary work? Well, I’m gonna get a media interview about my project, and I figure I can use it as a conversation starter and do some interesting stuff with it and make music for others and make little songs or hymn remixes for investigators and homies, so basically I’m using my passion and trying to help others with it. I’m still in the process of gathering ideas for what I can do, so if anybody has ANY ideas, no matter how crazy or unrealistic or stupid they may be, send em my way. It’ll be lit. Also I’ll work on putting together some little samples and stuff of things I’m doing, figured out today that the piano in the church has midi out so if I can find a midi cable I can have people play in midi patterns into the thing and make hymns and ghibli music and anything else they can play into cool ambient remixed stuff.

So we made Indian curry and naan in the apartment this week and it was amazing and Elder Livermore actually got the hang of the naan and we cook it in a frypan and it tastes like the legit thing, but basically we made a bunch and ate curry for 3-4 meals in a row,.

We had Furukawa Dinner (put on by a local church member) this week and my homeboy Horigome came out of the woodwork, we thought he was dead or just dipping us, but we called him this last week and he was able to come. Man, that guy likes hugs. Also Sister Furukawa gave us all sorts of crazy stories about times she almost died in the U.S because she’s a danger magnet. Also our other investigator came and it was great.

I was thinking about the blessings we receive as I was reading about the Plan of Salvation this week and what hit me is that when we know about God’s plan and have faith in it, we have no need to fear. No matter what problems we may face, no matter what state others are in, no matter what state the world is in, we can have faith and trust in God and trust in his perfect plan for all of His children. I used to get super super worked up about politics and pointless things almost to the point that I got sick because I was so stressed about how what I wanted for the country/world/whatever wasn’t happening and not everybody agreed with me, but no matter how bad things get, we can still do all that we can within our sphere of influence for what we think is best, follow our conscience, and God will look after and take care of the rest. Yeah, there’s war and bad stuff and scary people and terrible things, but you know what? We still are free to act how we want to and can act, and if we understand that this life is a trial, simply a time for us to learn and grow and prepare to meet God, we can be at peace with what happens because there is a just and loving God who watches over and cares for all of us. It’s all in God’s hands, and because of Jesus Christ, even death has no victory, we can be reunited with those we love and care about in the next life no matter how bad things seem now. That was rambling, but I’m gonna give a quote, it’s a prayer from an American theologian, “Give me the courage to change the things I can, serenity for the things I can’t, and wisdom to know the difference.”

The gospel of Jesus Christ is peace.

Love you all,

オーギル長老(Elder Orgill)

"Furukawa Feast"

The week of curry

Elders Orgill and Mateaki in front of Kamisugi church building

Obligatory weekly noodle photo

Eating ramen with friends

The feast is spread

Monday, November 20, 2017

“Green hair, wings, big sword” - week 65

Hey everybody what’s up? How y’all been?

This week was way cool, me and Elder Mateaki worked like crazy. We talked to a ton of people and had some way cool conversations with a lot of people and really focused on ministering to individuals and showing love this week, and it was great.

We were doing some housing and I started talking to this one lady, probably in her early 40’s, about families. I talked how our message can bless families and we can have more trust and love and all that kind of stuff and she was super nice and then I asked “Do you have kids?” “No.” “Are you married?” “No.” At this point I’m a little taken off guard seeing as I got the hardcore “mom of a couple 5-10 year old kids” vibe, and I ask in my confusion “how old are you” and follow it up promptly with a “wait, you don’t have to answer that”. It was hilarious, Elder Mateaki roasted me waaaay hard after that and it was a bit embarrassing but I’m beyond the point of feeling embarrassment. Hooray for being desensitized to awkwardness.

So we met this other guy while we were finding and I was able to have one of the most relaxed, not awkward conversations I’ve ever had with a random person we met, he was so chill and nice and we just talked about what he believes and the path he personally chooses to follow and ramen and all sorts of stuff, it was awesome. He didn’t end up having interest, but I’m convinced our conversation will have a profound impact on his life.

We had a day this week where I was a little derpier than normal and I was just having trouble doing the basic things (putting on tie, getting the order right on clothing, getting my scarf to fit into my jacket) and we got out the door a little late and I was a bit flustered, but I told Elder Mateaki “It’s OK, nothing can go wrong when you’re eating a mint” and proceeded to pop a mint into my mouth. But I did it in a kind of vertical motion and the mint proceeded to pop right back out of my mouth into my hand and he laughed so hard he almost cried, and proceeded to squeak out his dismay “THIS IS MY TRAINER???!?”. Thanks buddy, really helping my confidence. It’s cool though, you can learn just as well from mistakes as you can from a good example, and I have plenty of stupid mistakes.

We were talking when a couple of other missionaries were over and the conversation led a little bit into the types of girls we like. This one elder pipes in “I told Elder (...) my type once...” And we’re all expecting him to leave it at that or leave it a mystery or something, but he then says “Green hair, wings, big sword”. It was so unexpected at least two of us were on the floor with laughter.
I got an ab workout the other night as well, we were calling the ward mission leader to make sure we didn’t have a meeting the next morning and he gave some explanation and I did my best to show my acknowledgement by saying “分かりました!” (it’s kind of like “I got it, understood”) and I said “わかりません” which is the opposite, “I don’t know”, but with the emphasis of the positive affirmation. It was so unexpected and such a simple but big mistake that me and Elder Livermore just started busting up laughing. That took a little bit of explanation the next day.

Bottom line of what I learned this week - everything is funnier when you’re tired. But you know what? That’s kind of our purpose in life. Alma 34:32 says something along the lines “This life is a time for homies to perform and prepare to meet God” and I think that’s awesome, that’s the absolute truth. There’s a lot of stuff in this life we gotta do, and a lot of things which are tiring, but what’s more important than being physically rested is being spiritually rested, gaining rest for our souls. Being weighed down by guilt, hate, misery, unnecessary stress, and other burdens is EXHAUSTING, but we can find rest for our souls by letting Christ take the weight. Working every day can be tiring, but it is a walk in the park compared to the weight we carry when we harbor grudges for others, when we can’t forgive ourselves for our weakness, when we forget that the details are in God’s hands and little minute things in life are just parts of this life, a blink of the eye in the scope of eternity. I’m not good with words, but I know that when I pray to God for the energy and the willpower I need with all energy of heart, when I read the Book of Mormon as if it contains the answers to all of my problems, and when I take the sacrament with the faith that it will give me the healing power I need and cleanse me from my sin, mistakes, and weakness, I can make it through the week and be happy despite any challenges that come my way. I know that this is true, and no amount of rejection or disappointment or frustration can change that - I myself am weak, but I am strong in Christ.
Have a good week yo, eat some ramen

オーギル長老 (Elder Orgill)
Elder Mateaki and Elder Orgill

汁なし担々麺 (soupless noodles) - really good ramen that makes your tongue numb

"The boys"

There’s a girl at the place we do service who has a gigantic
collection of squishy food-shaped things

He made pancake syrup out of an energy drink ...

A pork-bone broth based ramen which was reported to be "amazing!"

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A week of just pictures -- week 64

This week there were a few private e-mails and other than that, a bunch of pictures, including many bowls of noodles.  He's having a great time.  Enjoy.

Gyouza (pot sticker) party

English language class

"Where the magic happens" - must be one of his favorite ramen shops

Ramen ... note HUGE scoop of minced garlic toward the front

Another ramen with melt-in-your-mouth huge slices of soft pork ... and a HUGE scoop of garlic

Teaching the new missionary how to properly enjoy a really good ramen

Elder Mateaki, Elder Orgill, and a Sendai church member who apparently knows Elder Orgill's sister, Natalie.

And let's end this batch of pictures with yet another picture of noodles ... this time, "oil noodles"

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Back again behind the decks -- week 63

Y’all wanna hear something crazy?

I’m gonna be a trainer. Yeah, I’m gonna get a fresh missionary right off the plane and teach him everything. This is gonna be gnarly, but wish me luck.

So it’s transfers and the party in Kamisugi is getting broken up, I guess it takes the mystery out of it now that you can see transfers on Facebook, but my boy Elder Fujiki, companion of three months and fellow ramen-lover, is getting bounced to the far and distant land of Tsuruoka, literally all the way across Japan (width wise, not lengthwise, it’s on the west coast whereas sendai is on the east coast), to be a TRAINER YEEEE he’s gonna kill it. It’s been an awesome three months, and we'll see how long I stick around here in Sendai, there’s a decent chance I have another three months here.

So this last week we had something pretty crazy, that being an all-mission photo shoot. Which means I got to see my friends from Aomori and Iwaki and everywhere in between. The reasoning is this - we were thinking about what kind of cards and flyers we can pass out to get peoples' attention and their interest. Well, there’s the boring "what’s the purpose of life?" Or "is there life after death?" But really no matter what we put, no picture would really work and not freak people out or be weird. But President Sekiguchi, the madman, came up with the idea of using pictures of missionaries, seeing as the reason for the cards is to get people interested enough to be willing to meet with missionaries. I think as good as pretty sunsets and temples and pictures of the savior are, what really touches people is seeing the light in the eyes of somebody who is really really trying to be like Jesus, who is enlightened and endowed with knowledge of who they are and what they are doing and what their purpose is. So we got dressed up all nice and took some lovely pictures as companionships while walking down a path with some lovely fall colors and it was legit. And since it would be a waste to get everyone together just to take pictures, we played sports afterwards and I wrecked in volleyball.

We ate some good food this week. Since the transfer was ending and the other guys in the apartment had been super busy the whole transfer, we had to do two splits back to back, so we did them Friday and Saturday. On splits with Elder Kurihara, we decided to eat ramen so we went to a place called Kirinji, which I’ve been wanting to come to since I got here. I went with the "soupless pork noodles" 汁無し豚, and it was spectacular. It’s pretty similar to my beloved Jiro, with the pile of bean sprouts on top and the huge chunks of pork and tons of garlic, but it was nice with the soupless variation because it was just a really dense flavor sauce in the bottom that you mix around and it’s delicious. Flavor was also a little different from normal Jiro too, can’t quite put my finger on it but it was excellent. Still have a good list of ramen shops to go to, so I’m glad I’m not transferring, and I’ll teach my "son" (you call your trainer your dad, and your train-ee your son) the art of finding and eating a good ramen. We also had a gyouza (potsticker) party this week, so we made up 100 meat dumplings this week in the evening. Also chopped up some Japanese barbecue flavor meat and mixed it with the Napa cabbage and made egg rolls with that, that was a good day. The other really cool thing I ate is called a zunda shake. The specialty food of sendai is grilled cow tongue, and zunda, which is crushed up sweetened edamame which you eat with mochi (pounded rice). It’s decent by itself, but when blended with ice and cream, it’s AMAZING, so I had by mind blown by that this week.

So by far the coolest thing this week was the cultural festival on the Touhoku college campus, it was SOOOO lit. We went as the four of us with four of our friends and it was so cool, we saw magic and went in a haunted house classroom thing and there was tons of food stands and dancing and bands and best of all........ we found a DJ club. They were super chill and let me step behind the decks to drop a couple tunes and it was awesome (well it sounded like poop because the tempo adjust was being weird and they were routing serato into cdjs so I couldn’t use the cue and i have no idea how to use the headphone outs so i can see what songs I’m using but whatever it was fun). Made some homies, traded some lines; it was lit.

Last week was also super lit; we went to Matsushima and it was awesome and I got cool samples of cracking old pieces of bamboo and sand and scraping sand and the ocean and a jackhammer (there was construction), it was awesome. I mean, it was pretty too, but I was paying more attention to the sounds.

So ima drop a quote right here, "when the time for performance is here, the time for preparation is over". Oh snap, I have to be responsible and train a new missionary next transfer and, well, I’ve prepared a lot for this, but I still wish I’d prepared more. I used to be super into survival and stuff in high school, and I loved playing out in my head zombie apocalypse scenarios, and I had weapons stashed all over the places and I made mental notes in my head about what could be used as a weapon if I needed it and I knew what places would be sweet and protected. And life is kinda like that. I mean, not with the zombies, but you never know when you’re going to be put into a position where you need to be patient, you need to be knowledgeable, you need to have super fly japanese, and you’re out of preparation time, so yeah. Preparation is important and I’m glad I’ve had that mindset for most of my mission, even if it was partially (mostly) pride for wanting to be in leadership, but I’ve been sufficiently humbled and am excited to see some sick miracles this next transfer.

Love you all,

オーギル ”DJ Shantan” 長老(Elder Orgill)

Editor's note: "shantan" is apparently a Chinese soup base which Elder Orgill is quite fond of.

Dropped the club remix of called to serve and blew some minds

"I have no idea what I'm doing"

The original gang from the MTC

The 6kg kimchi bazooka resurfaces

At a restaurant called Moritatsu


Pretty tree, nice.

"Album drops next month"

Finally went to kirinji and boy, did they deliver

Ice cream time!