Monday, July 3, 2017



So Japan is amazing but I have one problem - meat is super expensive and not enough importance is placed on it. Well this week everything changed. I discovered meat day.

So some background. For those of you who don't know Japanese, the 29th of the month is pronounced 二十九日 ni-ju-ku-nichi. Which is two-ten-nine-day. But you can drop the ten part because that's kind of assumed. And it turns into ニ九日, or ni-kyu-nichi. This sounds a lot like niku-nichi, and niku in Japanese means MEAT. So the Japanese dubbed it 肉の日 (niku-no-hi), which means Day of Meat, and it's my new favorite holiday and there are up to 12 of them a year and I was able to buy a bunch of super cheap meat and cooked up a special meat-dinner and it was amazing.

So in other news, I gave a prayer at the beginning of our sacrament meeting and I guess I kind of said "amen" a little quietly and nobody knew that I ended the prayer so everybody was chilling there for like five seconds with arms crossed and eyes closed and heads bowed and stuff and I just kind of walked back to my seat and had to say another "AMEN" slightly louder so they knew the prayer was over and yeah, the roasts from my companion about that are not ceasing any time in the near future.

I cooked some cool stuff this week and made the best fried rice I have ever had, and also chicken wings, sweet and sour chicken, literally a kilo worth of yakitori (like teriyaki chicken on skewers), and a bunch of other cool stuff.

This week was a week of learning experiences. First thing learned - Not everything you work towards will pay off immediately. The Japan missions received guidance from the area presidency to focus a lot more on our English Mission School, which is where we teach people English. We currently have a class for middle and high schoolers on Saturdays, and nobody comes. So we tried to pass out fliers and invite high school kids every day Tuesday-Friday this last week right when they were getting out of school. Then Saturday came around. Nobody showed up, again. So it's going to take a bit more persistence and hard work before we start seeing results.

Second thing I learned - being positive is super important. My companion and I started a project where we try to not say anything negative at all about anyone or anything, and it's tough but it's been working pretty cool and I gotta say, if you feel like you're too negative or if you're feeling bad all the time, try to be more positive and it will work miracles.

I might sound kind of discouraged in some of these emails, but I'm not, being a missionary is tough, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, even on bad days I still learn and grow so much. I am doing my best to apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life EVERY DAY, and what that means is I am doing everything I can to move on from past mistakes and constantly changing myself so I can become more and more perfect every day, and one day I'll get there. It doesn't matter where you're at, f(x) isn't important, it's all about f'(x), the direction you're going, and even if you're just at the beginning of a long journey, all that matters is the direction you're headed.

Love you all, laugh a lot, smile a lot, change a lot, and eat some meat for me (unless you're vegan or vegetarian, in that case just have some tofu steaks (preferable free-range cruelty-free tofu))

Elder Orgill オーギル長

We found a crepe place (black sesame seed paste and vanilla ice cream YEE)

Celebratory Nap (jk no time for sleep)

I made wings yo

Wise-guy comment of the week from a local drum festival: "I want to grow up and play the tiny cymbals"